Fabrication Capabilities at our Hampton Warehouse


  • Galvanized, stainless and aluminum Non-Watertight vent.
  • Galvanized, stainless and aluminum Watertight vent.
  • Drip Proof vent (CIC areas and vent over top of electrical equipment).
  • VLS (Vertical Launch System) vent.
  • 1/8" thick temporary vent for 3-year overhauls (HINNS).
  • Filter housings (various sizes).
  • Fan room foundations and vent. ex: fan motor mounts, cooling coil foundations, heater foundations etc.
  • Berthing, heads and galley vent runs.
  • Spool and deck penetrations. ex: HY80, HY100.
  • Bell mouths, dampers.
  • Ship laundry mods, lint traps.

Equipment Used At Hampton Warehouse:

  • 26,000 SF facility.
  • Trumpf Trubend CNC Press Brake 10' long with 100 tons of bending pressure.
  • Standard Shear 10' long 1/4" steel cutting capacity.
  • Piranha 5' x 10' Plasma table, Design2fab6 vent software with Pro-nest automatic nesting and Libre Cad Design software. 16 ga Pittsburg machine, vent forming.
  • 80-ton Unihydro Iron Worker, capable of shearing 6" x 6" x 1/2" steel angle and flat bar.
  • Interchangeable hole punch, notcher and 24" press dies.
  • CNC Drill Press. 40-ton Hydraulic shop press.
  • Welding machines capable of Mig, Tig, and Stick welding steel, stainless, and aluminum.
  • 5' wide Lemas power roller, 1/4" steel plate can be rolled into 8" diameter 5' log.
  • Fully outfitted tool room to support ship installation or shop fabrication.


  • Folded construction lockers (Navy Standard Furniture). ex: 522 lockers, wardrobe lockers, and sub bases, etc.
  • EEBD boxes.
  • Berthing kick out panels.
  • Repair work to bunks and lockers "as needed".
  • Stick built / tubing construction, laminated and coated furniture. Custom design furniture.
  • Mess / Dining Tables, game tables.
  • 1, 2- and 3-man wide chairs and couches, fully upholstered.

Heads and Galley:

  • Water closet and shower stiles, partitions and headers (Folded construction / self-help)
  • Officer style vanities.
  • Stainless sink Fabrication and Installation.
  • Soap trays, Toilet paper holders.
  • Steam and Electric Water Heaters & Components installation, troubleshooting and repairs.
  • Plumbing Drain Systems removals, upgrades and repairs.
  • Sanitary Water and Soil Drain Systems removals, upgrades and repairs.
  • Sanitary Plumbing Fixture removals, and replacements.
  • Sanitary Space Ceramic Tile and Decking removals, Installations and Patchwork.
  • Sanitary (Wet) Space Surface Preparations and Coatings.
  • Vacuum Sewage System troubleshooting, repairs alterations and replacements.
  • Shower mixing Valve replacement and plumbing.
  • Stainless galley furniture, cabinets, shelving.
  • K Racks.
  • Marine edge countertops.
  • Drop-down and fixed tray rails, slides, and attachments.
  • Sneeze shields and dessert displays.
  • Galley Equipment Gauge Calibration.
  • Quarry tile/ Galley & Wet Space Decking.
  • Hot and Cold Food wells, Food Service equipment installations (Coffee, Ice, Juice Machines etc.)
  • Scullery Dishwasher and related equipment Removals and Replacements.
  • Tray Conveyors.
  • Stainless steel Dresser and Counter Fabrications and installations.
  • Scullery Dishwasher Plumbing and Ventilation Upgrades.

Misc. Out-fitting items:

  • Metal joiner bulkheads panels.
  • Cribbing and sheathing, trim.
  • Deck coating.
  • Curtain plate.
  • Rat patches and vermin proofing.
  • Deck rings, deck drain & vale removals, installations, inspections and repairs.
  • Access Doors / Panels & Label Plates.
  • Drop / False ceiling grid and panels.
  • Expanded metal cages and security grating.
  • Nomex panel cutting and outfitting.
  • Copper funnels, various types and sizes (MIL-SPEC)
  • DC card holders.
  • 25 and 50 cal. ammo lockers with sun shields.
  • Drain Rodding and Snaking.
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