IFPC Innovations Shipyard

IFPC Innovations is located at 3301 Shipwright Street, Portsmouth Va. The property (Shipyard) is a waterfront industrial property situated on the Western Branch on the Elizabeth River. The site includes 13.2 total acres, 8.6 of which is land, 4.6 water.

We have very close proximity to major vehicular highways ultimately connecting the property to surrounding terminals and railways. Additionally, the Shipwright Property is nestled in a very efficient location with respect to waterway transit.  Having deep water access and convenient travel courses between neighboring Marine Terminals and Shipyards, including the Portsmouth Marine Terminal located directly across the river.

Having just recently purchased the property, we are exploring every possible option as far as how to best to utilize the property. At this point we consider the property to be a “blank canvas” with countless possibilities.

  • With the combination of several piers, fabrication buildings, Quonset huts utilized for preservation, and space for dry storage of a variety of vessels on the property, if fully renovated would be operationally sound and equipped to handle many aspects of marine work for local businesses and government contracts including: U.S. Navy Ships, barges, tugboats, commercial vessels, and pleasure craft. Furthermore, the Shipwright Property is capable of providing services to large shipyards such as Huntington Ingles, Norfolk Naval, BAE, and NASSCO-Norfolk with regard to the fabrication and preservation of various modules and supplementary components that are crucial to the construction and continued maintenance of Naval Ships and other marine vessels.
  • The Shipwright Property is located directly across the River from the Portsmouth Marine Terminal with no navigational barriers. Geographically the property is in a seamless position for IFPC Innovations to play a critical role in the success of the Offshore Wind Project.
  • Other leasing options related to the Off Shore Wind Project.

The property is located in a designated Enterprise Zone and may be eligible for local incentives, including: Tax Exemption for Rehabilitated Structures and the Local Real Property Improvement Grant.