Containment Services

IFPC provides fabric-clad, pre-engineered, tensioned structures made in the USA using 6005-T5 aluminum and PVC fabric membrane. Our team is ready to deploy at a moment's notice with an in-stock inventory and personnel available 24/7, surpassing others with speed and efficiency. Our dynamic, operations-focused team has the experience and resources to meet your particular needs. We have successfully overcome various challenges at sites worldwide, including extreme conditions and crucial time constraints.

At-a-Glance Facts about IFPC's Mega-Tents

  • Quick set up
  • Expandable in both width and length
  • Engineered for withstanding heavy winds (up to 70mph) and inclement weather
  • Water-tight
  • Hollow aluminum box beam
  • Lightweight fabric structure
  • Explosion-proof lighting
  • Climate-controlled for temperature and humidity
  • Easily moveable on wheels
  • Meet government specifications

IFPC installation team members are certified, OSHA 10 safety trained, and QP1-qualified with The Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC). Many have security clearances, and all of our personnel are eligible to be cleared. IFPC is proud to provide Mega-Tent Containment services to the United States military and industrial and commercial clients.

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deck resurfacing

Case Studies

USS Theodore Roosevelt Flight Deck and Hangar Bay
Naval Station Norfolk, VA -
 Completed 2013, 50,000 SF

When a warship comes into dock for deck resurfacing, IFPC's expert team goes straight to work, in many cases 24/7. IFPC marine technicians constructed towering spines of aluminum atop the ship to accommodate the mega-sized PVC fabric membrane that overlay the 50,000SF structure, with many sections widening to nearly 200 feet. IFPC's climate-controlled containment tents ensure the strict protocols are met during the application of the new deck primer and finish - ultimately helping with the latest flooring materials' adhesion and improving drying time. "The work of removing the worn-out decking must be contained; dust, dirt, and removed materials are captured and later disposed of," says Robert Patrick, IFPC's General Manager. "To meet EPA standards, a super-sized containment tent is assembled and fortified at all four corners," adds Patrick.

Inside Tent
Inside Tent
Inside Tent

USS Kearsarge Flight Deck
Naval Station Norfolk, VA - 
Completed 2014, 90,000 SF

Under contract with BAE Systems, IFPC constructed two (2) climate-controlled mega-tents for a phased blast and installation of exterior decking on this Wasp-class amphibious assault ship. Certified professionals needed to complete the work while the vessel remained semi-operational, and they completed services in 90 days. IFPC readied the Kearsarge for the 8-month deployment on time and within budget.


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